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“I believe that art is related to talent, imagination, inspiration and all those kinds of gifts. But it can only materialize through hard work.”

Sherif Mohsen

About Us

Victoria Film is an integrated production company specialized in filmmaking. Since establishment in 2017, our main aim has been to stand out with our unique and innovative work that reflects the artistic angle of life.

أزرق مش قاتم 

Light Blue | 2019

Dreams; the space where the unconscious manifests itself, so we do and say what we cannot do and say it in reality.
 يوم في القاهرة 

A Day in Cairo | 2020

“Ahlam” is a girl from the middle class, she was forced to wear the Niqab to meet an expected groom. After informing her lover about her decision to break up, he traced her in downtown Cairo and the day ends up with a tragedy for all parties.
صدي صوت 

Echo | 2021

(Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood) The war on Gaza lasted for 11 days, in which all forms of weapons were used, and it left victims, also great losses in buildings and infrastructure, most importantly, the psychological effects on all who lived through the war.
الصف الأخير

The Back Row | 2023

A naieve young guy who’s a single story to the life. Go through a one day journey, which turns all his concepts upside down.